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Yo, I posted this on the vid but I’ll post it here too. Don’t wanna make it a bug report yet as it’s just a hunch.

"If it’s not observational bias causing your presumed increases in success after a break, I think it may actually be a bug. Either that or what I’ve noticed is part of a hidden system. Sometimes when you’re crafting on an item and you’re highlighting shards in the menu the tooltip for the shard will say “fractured” as if it were a broken item. If you mouse over a non-fractured item and back to the shard it will no longer have this mis-label.

It could be just text related bugging but I always make sure not to have the last tooltip I viewed before crafting have this bugged text. If there is something too this, it might be why you notice an increase in success rates after a fracture."

Finding your content really helpful man, thanks a lot!

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