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Crafting Efficiency (No QQ Here!)

I see a lot of people discussing how it is “easier” to grab a rare/blue item with 2 affixes and craft it into the yellow of their dreams.

Putting aside the various community complaints about fracturing and instability, what is the most optimal use of materials to give yourself the highest chance of that tasty T18-T20 item?

Example Rare Drop:
Blue Gloves
T4 Set Dodge
T5 Set GB

Now say I want to fill those other two slots with appropriate affixes, when should I use Glyph of Guardian, when should I reduce instability on craft?

Typically on the first couple crafts I use the item to reduce instability, then I slap on Guardian Glyph.

Interested to know if you all have a more efficient/statistically more likely to succeed route.

Yes, that is the best way to do it. I believe that items that drop with “pre-existing” affixes have lower instability than if you craft them yourself. That’s why it’s easiest if you can get 2-3 of the affixes you want ideally in the t3-5 range. Because your instability is lower so your chance of a fracture is lower.


Would be interesting to make a spreadsheet to find out what statistically is the best way to go.

My crafting sessions are more decided out of the belly.

For example I don’t craft on blue items very often if I really wanna create an item with longevity. Getting 2 affixes from zero to hero did not work out well for me in most cases.

Usually I start using glyph of the guardian below 80% success chance.

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Recently i have tried out many methods. my first attempts at crafting start off with my first main stat stability only to T5 first stat then 1-2 stability on 2nd stat, then guardian rest usually by T12 i have high 60% chances instead of regular 40% problem was this was high risk high reward system rarely worked in my favor. Then i swap to guardian below 80% only was more or less more consistent but would break at lower tiers like T10 but i would have better 2 stats sometimes 3 stats. Now what i do is i focus main stats for each build first such as GB, CA move speed i alternate between 1 GB stability then 1 move speed stability. always playing to highest odds if i feel a break coming (superstitious i know) i use guardian. now i notice been getting T15 more often especially if i drop with a stat i already like. So been keeping to this method for now. Keep in mind SSF HC player here mainly so always on limited resources work with what i get usually!

Trying to understand your method but don’t quite understand what you are saying.

You mitigate your instability always until you “feel” a fracture, then use guardian? Does that sum it up?

Yeah sorry, my typing skills are bad why i rarely respond. but basically. lets say i got an item with T1 move speed on suffix already no other stats. i would stability T2 move speed cause its free on 100% then put on T1 set GB with stability cause it will have high chance being lower Tier. then the next craft would be for T3 move speed roughly 93% stability that upgrade as example. then go to T2 GB cause it will be 89% stability that if i hit then guardian T4 move speed T5 move speed which will be 100% chance twice or 2nd guardian be 99-98% chance. then guardian my GB up to T5 that will be my early 2 stat for leveling. using the low tiers to off set the high risk rolls and setup my guardians to give higher chance.


Here’s how I craft!

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I’m a little less ballsy than you I typically Stability @ 20-25(75-80% success) chance to fracture then switch to Guardian.

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It completely depends what your goal is. If the slot which you’re upgrading has already an around T13 item in it then you’d most likely want a perfect item in it next so it’s simply statistically your best option to drag it until ~ 65%.
You will break more items earlier without getting to the Guardian scrolls but your odds of getting a T20 grows exponentially and enormously.

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How is it statistically your best option? Is that to keep Instability to a minimum?

Instability varies from 2-5 each craft with non guardian glyph. Where guardian will add 5 always. So if it above 70%, or a number of your choice, not using guardian will be better.

But again, someone, like me, experience alot of fracture even with 80-90‰, constantly. Using guardian if it under 100% is actually a worry free method.

After all, it’s not the items, techniques or anything, it’s your mental health, prepare yourself for the WORST each craft. Or you will slam your keyboard if it fracture on a 90% one, making your “perfect” item dream shattered :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it more ties in to ones tolerance/appetite for risk.

If you have a low tolerance for risk, just using guardians will be a lower risk-lower reward route. You won’t get those super-frustraiting fracture-at-92%, but you won’t be able to get your craft as high (because you get more instability from those first handful of crafts).

If you have a high(er) tolerance for risk, using stabilities for the first few crafts can potentially give you significantly lower instability (if you’re lucky & pick up only 2 per craft) which then translates into lower chance to fracture when you shift over to using the guardians (since chance to fracture is based on the instability, number and tiers of affixes & what tier you are trying to upgrade to/from).It’s riskier, but because of the lower instability, can take you further.

Which is why it’s an effective system, even if it does make us scream sometimes.

Yes, getting 20 instability instead of 40 will result in you having far greater odds for your T5s to succeed. Let’s imagine that you want to upgrade your four last T4s on your item.

40 instability - 65% success rate
The probability of you getting 4x 65% success is 17.8%.

60 instability - 50% success rate
The probability of you getting 4x 50% success is 6.2%

There is more to it and it’s not reflecting completely accurately of what the in game values are but close to it.

I’m certain it would help if their fracture jump scare visuals and audio would be adjusted to not convey the outcome as viscerally as it does right now.
If they would remove the shattering VFX and SFX and replace it with an item shutting down slowly with minimal noise, then I believe people wouldn’t react so harsh either.