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Crafting Bug

I’ve encountered a crafting bug in which I lost my weapon :frowning:

I was trying to use the Increase Health % shard when it wouldn’t select. When I would click on the Increase Health % shard it would increase how many shards I had. I was trying to apply it to my helmet. When I closed out of the crafting window my helmet was still viewable on my character’s helmet slot and in the crafting window. When I selected the helmet in the crafting window I could put a new helmet with the same stats into my inventory. When I tried to replace the helmet in the crafting window with my weapon it disappeared.

This bug will cause your character to bug out if you log out without removing the item from the forge.

To remove the bugged item from the forge, select any of the four runes (shatter, cleanse, etc.)

Not sure if your weapon will be recovered

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Same thing happened to me w/ a shield and now I can’t log in with that character.

Edit: added link to photo of ui and character page together.

I guess they released the patch and went to bed.

Hey there travelers,
I noticed a bug that happens with the latest patch and crafting. I had some items which had 4 affixes before the patch and now have 3 because of the patch. Which means I still have 4 affixes on that item but only 3 are shown because you moved Glancing Blow to be a Suffix. The game now thinks I have a prefix slot free and says I can craft said item in the crafting bench. When you try tho you can’t get the item back out and it bugs your entire character so that you can not log in back with him.

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We’ve identified a possible fix for this bug, and will be aiming to get it into a 0.7.6b patch as soon as possible.

I can vouch for this fix as well. Inserting any Rune into the crafting window does allow you to successfully remove the original item from the crafting window but the bugged item will EAT any item you try to add over it so be sure you remove the bugged item before you do that or that non-bugged item is gone from what I’ve seen.

You may want to hide this post to minimize exposure to the issue so people aren’t able to take advantage of free duplication any more than they have already <3

A fix for this bug has been included in 0.7.6b, which is out now. Characters affected by this bug will be able to be loaded. Thanks!

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