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Craft shards disappearing

This bug is old but still a constant and annoying thing. Basically when you craft something, the shard used in the process repeatedly disappears. If you leave the game and log in, the shard return. Not sure if the quantity is always kept, sometimes I get the impression it doesn’t. Any predictions to fix this problem? If you need the log, I’ll see how to proceed, but this situation is so recurring that I don’t think it is necessary to send the log. Image here:

In this case, mana disappear.

So as you can see in the previous image, I was supposed to have 17 mana shards. I decide to use 1 spell shard to craft something and for some reason I only had 1, but I was sure I had more. When I used it I got 0 - and for some reason my amount of mana shards became 1. I logged out and logged in, my spell shards increased to 83, and mana shards returned to 17. You can see this case here:

Thanks for the report-- I believe the bug you’re describing is this one: Shards reset to 1 when using filter. I’ll bump it up for the developers to look at again. Let me know if you find any other information.

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