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Council Chambers Transplant Bug

I haven’t gotten the process down 100%, but I’ve managed to recreate it one in every 10 loads or so. Earlier this evening I was leaving/rejoining to reset the gambler and using Transplant to shorten the run, and noticed that if I got in a hurry and clicked to move from the starting position in the direction of the main Council Chambers, then cast Transplant over near the stairs immediately after, I would get the “intro scene” that plays the first time you enter the Council Chambers where it zooms out and over to the edge of the map while one of the council members says “this may be the end of the last refuge.” The difference here is that once it’s played, it stops scrolling and never returns to your character. Esc. doesn’t bring up the menu, and the only way to get out is to force-close the game and restart. Every time it’s happened, I’ve seen the blood from my Transplant over near Captain Leora when it scrolls.

Played around with it a little more.

Transplant Bug 1.jpg shows where the worst spot seems to be, casting Transplant near the books/scrolls near the stairs.

Transplant Bug 2.jpg shows where my character teleported to as the screen started scrolling.

Transplant Bug 3.jpg shows where the camera stops scrolling and you can’t do anything but force close the game (animations and sounds are still playing fine in the background, so it didn’t hang/crash)

Transplant (1.1 MB)

Think I may have figured it out. When you first load the area (not the first time for the character, just finishing loading after leaving/rejoining), it hasn’t displayed the area name banner yet. If you walk just a little towards the main Council Chamber, the area name banner pops up briefly in the top/middle of the screen. If you cast Transplant just as the area name banner pops up, it glitches as described above. As a side note, if you cast Transplant before the banner shows, the banner doesn’t show at all.

Not related to the bug, but the gambler has a refresh button…

I’m trying to complete An Ancient Path and what I have to do is Share my experience with someone in the Council Chambers. I talked to Chronomance Lerinne but there’s no option for any dialog other than Repecialize Mastery and Leave.
I attached a mini link to show screenshots.

Edited to add:
Ok very strange, but the quest is now completed now that I completed An Ancient Hunt.