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Can we expect cosmetics before release or will it be an at/after release thing.
I noticed its not slated in the early development forecast and im sure its at the bottom of the list, but even if there is only 1 ready to go I want It Now :slight_smile:

There are already a few cosmetics available, the chronowyrm (kickstarter supporters) and the turtle (don’t remember for which supporter packs). You can open the cosmetic window by pressing K if I remember correcttly.

Sayyy what

We don’t have any information to share yet regarding the implementation of purchasable MTX. Our priority is getting Last Epoch ready for an official launch next year - and that means focusing on content such as classes, specialization trees, and endgame. :slight_smile:

I would suggest keeping an eye on this support article where we track the MTX from supporter packs which are currently implemented, and this category if you’re also interested in other supporter pack contents such as the soundtrack. Thanks for supporting us!


Ahhh. Cosmetics… one of my favourite topics.

I used to share the same view as you and wish we could play Barbie doll in beta. But having that wish kinda come true (with the support packs pet “implemented”), turned out I should have heeded the adage and be careful what I wish for.

Tbh. There are way too many problems with the existing implementation of the pets to be worth the time and trouble to use them. Pathing and animation of the pets look like they could use some polishing. Also, there is no persistency in the pets you choose to put out and having to put them out at the start of each session gets old quick especially when they don’t look very good following you currently.

Tbf. I recognise there’s only so much EHG can do for cosmetics at this point given the core game is still a work in progress. The devs have promised any aspect of the game that isn’t up to standard (cosmetics or otherwise) would be brought up to par when they have the bandwidth. So I am sure the mtx pets issue is something they will get to eventually.

But as the first “purchased” in-game goods distributed to us, I did wish they had been of higher quality before implementation. Oh well. At least they are adhering to this philosophy for the all important multiplayer experience.

Is there any pics of the Constellations skins we got during kickstarter?

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