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Cooldown on Skill Apply (Flame Ward)

Simple one here. I have Flame Ward (E-key) on my skill-bar. I apply, or set another skill slot (R-key) to Flame Ward, and it initiates another cooldown of the skill, even though it was not used and is already on my skillbar…

Yes, when you put a skill on the skillbar, the skill goes on cooldown (& if the skill is on the skill bar twice both will show the cooldown). Not sure if that is intended or not.

When you put a skill with a cooldown on your bar, it goes on cooldown. So you can’t just refresh the cooldown by using it, removing it, putting it back on and using it again. You can’t have 2 instances of the same skill with different cooldowns on your bar, so when you put the skill in another slot and put it on cooldown, the same skill is in the other slot so it goes on cooldown too. Not a bug.

Honestly though, it would be nice to make it so if you put a skill in a slot and it already exists on your bar it just moves it over and leaves the original slot empty or just swaps with whatever skill was there.
Baby steps though.

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