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Convergence + Divergence on Lightning Blast

Does this increase the chains hitting the single target? If so by how many?

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As soon as you pick Convergence, every “chain” just hits the initial targets delayed.
Divergence does nothing in conjuction with Convergence.

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Thank you for the info :slight_smile:

This is exactly the question I have thanks Lonnie & Heavy.

Divergence is described as: “Lightning Blast can Fork or Chain” Also if you hit “ALT” it says “forking counts as chaining” Other nodes in the skill tree mention incompatibilities, this one does not. This the part that has me scratching my head.

also wouldn’t the +2 lighting base apply?

The flat damage will applies

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It would be really nice if the interaction was:

If there are multiple enemies, then lighting blast forks and only chains single target when there are less enemies than your maximum number of chains.

When I just now picked up both nodes, I was hoping that were the case. Forking for AoE trash mobs, and self chaining on tougher enemies.

That would be way to strong, having a node as strong as “Convergence” while having the ability to also do AoE damage would be not balanced.

There could be a Node doing your suggested thing while decreasing damage outpu drastically

I see your point Heavy,
Perhaps balanced by a note on both “Divergence” and “Convergence” saying something like:
Convergence: If taken together with “Divergence” reduce # chains by 3.
Convergence: If taken together with “Divergence” reduce # chains by 50%.

Or something?

I really like the idea of that skill working as I mentioned, with the chains. What about increased mana cost, such it wouldn’t be as spammable as regular lighting blast.

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Well that’s another solution, probaly a better application than my suggestion.

Maybe make it a 3 or 4 point node where the negative effect gets weaker the more you put points into. That way you can balance it very good, because you needd to spend alot of points in it.

Exact nubmers can be tweaked accordingly

I agree.

I really enjoy the idea of fork(divergence) + convergence, but it would need some form of point sink and or increased mana sink. I like your idea of decreased penalty with the point sink.

I first got divergence (fork), and it was AMAZING for breaking boxes, and killing trash mobs. Then I got convergence, and it has amazing single target dps, but it being my primary attack, it’s a hassle shooting every single box.
I went with static discharge to auto cast lightning blast on nearby trash mobs, which helps. But man… dem boxes. It was magical with fork.