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Controller support in Diablo III

I cant wait until it actually is playable (as in just as smooth and enjoyable as on k&m) on controller. About the only thing I liked from diablo3 was being able to switch to controller.

I don’t think PC D3 has controller support.

We also have updates to our controller support coming this patch.


ah true I forgot I first played diablo 3 on xbox., then sold it.
And then a friend said RoS fixed everything! (the hyped up near meme marketing campaign got him) and I got d3+ RoS on pc. Needless to say it was the last time I ever trusted his opinion lol

But I do remember playing it on pc for the first hours desperately looking for that controller option because it felt so good on xbox.

RoS did improve on D3 a lot, though it’s very odd that they didn’t allow the PC to use a controller given they’d already done the work of coming up with (apparently) a decent setup for the consoles.

It didnt change anything wrong with the base game. Even loot 2.0 didnt fix the loot.

It streamlined some things and added/changed some stuff but never adressed the core flaws of the game. (bad skill system, bad balance, 1 build per char, bad meaningless loot, bad story.)

Basically it created a new type of end game which still was horrible and changed loot so it only dropped stuff for your class, which is a step backwards imo. I love finding some uber item for another class, giving me incentive to start another character.

Diablo 3 is a horrible game, RoS made it change a bit yes but its still terribly shallow and bad.

Yes, we get that you really don’t like D3 & I can respect that (& agree in some aspects), but a) you don’t need to ram that down our throats at every opportunity & b) you need to accept that people will disagree with you even though you are absolutely certain that you’re right, since that certainty is in regards of a subjective thing. I can’t stand jazz, but I’m not going to go into a jazz club & tell people that it’s bad music & they should start listening to something else.

One of the main reasons I’m looking forward to D4 is controller support on the PC. I have a nerve injury which makes holding a mouse and positioning my hand over a keyboard very painful, so I rely on controller support to be able to play a game for any significant length of time.

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