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Continually taking damage from Blood Tether

In town and out of town. After dying multiple times as well. My character is still continually taking damage from blood tether. It ticks for -11 or -12 every ~second until I am dead. It starts again as soon as I respawn.

After restarting the game, the constant damage has stopped. I could not get it to stop without exiting the game.

This should be fixed as of 0.7.0c. Thanks!

Seems that bug returns again, I got very good equipment, but must relog every monolith when meet such mobs with this skill to prevent die. Seems that some time counter for every stack does stop.

having same problem at this patch 0.7.0F
Blood Tether keeps deginning me (fire shield starts proccing like crazy though… lol)

It will be nice to make even placeholder icon for every debuff in game with some counter of stacks if any. It could help to faster detect similar bugs.

Experiencing this same problem in 0.7.0G.

OK, now in Patch 0.7.0H I’ve meet many Okulus Mortises and no longer problems with Blood Tether, thanks.

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