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Constant crashes every few minutes of gameplay - halp please!

I’m getting crash every few minutes of gameplay, i got like 20 crashes in 2 days. It’s totally unplayable, i can’t progress with story because i’m starting from same spot after every crash.

I tried repairing files via Steam, uninstalling and installing again couple of times.
Tried using very low video settings with no luck too.

It usually happens when i mouse over items in inventory quickly

Player.log (31.0 KB) Player-prev.log (10.7 KB)DxDiag.txt (82.8 KB)

Like this:

Player.log (28.6 KB)

So it happened on those gloves, could you do a quick little test for me to see if it always happens on those gloves or maybe after a set number of items being moused over? I don’t have a quick fix from that or the log unfortunately.

It happens on random, not just on gloves.

It also happen when mouseivering over freshly droped items from monsters or chests

another one:

Player.log (29.4 KB)

Sorry about this! Can you upload the files mentioned here as a .zip? I can see a bit of an error message, but the files in the crash directory have more info.

here you go: (2.7 MB) (3.2 MB) DxDiag.txt (82.8 KB)

any luck?

You can test the following teaching:

Because of this i solved the crash event.
I hope you can get answers.

tried it like 5 times already:<

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz any1?

It’s a known issue with Unity. A bug related to the format of their textures and NVidia cards. They don’t bother giving proper feedback on here but they’re working to fix this in the next patch.

Edit : I have the same issue. I just uninstalled the game and will pick it back once they figure this shit out.