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Consistently crashing - can't make any Monolith progress

Not sure why. Yesterday it happened once when i started the game, but consistently after that it is shortly after loading into an echo in monolith. Has been happening since i opened 62 (probably coincidental). If i am able to complete one, i crash shortly after loading into the next so I lose at least one echo every time i log on . (56.3 KB) (13.7 KB)

tried another character and it is not limited to monolith, that character was in the first town and crashed right after loading in originally.

My apologies for this issue! The error shown in your logs is one we have seen multiple times from people with Nvidia graphics cards. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to replicate the problem internally, which has slowed progress.

However, we have one potential fix that will be implemented in our next patch, Beta 0.8. Please let us know if you continue to experience this issue after the patch is released, and upload a new set of crash reports if so. Thanks!

Thanks for the response, glad you guys are working on it

If it helps any, since it had become unplayable I uninstalled/reinstalled the game and was able to play for hours until i exited the game. On trying to start it next time it hung at the 1st screen (before character selection)

Thought i had at least temporarily fixed this with reinstall, but actually only fixed for the non-monolith character. still can’t go more than 2 echoes without crashing and losing that progress. Will wait for patch 0.8 and see what happens.