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Connected to Steam - Lost Characters and Stash


Before the last patch, I connected my Last Epoch account to steam and uninstalled the game to download it again via steam. Just got in the game and my characters and Stash have been wiped. Any help? :sweat_smile:

Thanks in advance!

You could try looking for a Save folder in the same place as the log files. I can’t remember when they moved the save files from the registry to a proper place.

Thanks! I will try but probably deleted it too on uninstall

no luck there. thanks anyway!

The game doesn’t delete saves on uninstall. The game files are actually identical on steam or stand alone. What I think happened is that the steam cloud saves kicked in at a very unfortunate time and overwrote the saves with blank ones. I could be wrong and it should ask you first.

Might i find them somewhere? I didn’t have hidden files active and now that i have, i can find the files that @Llama8 talked about but i can’t share them. i’m having a problem related to my username having a ~ . can’t compress to zip. Anyway, they seem to have beem modified yesterday, so i guess i lost the previous saves, right? Fresh start, i guess! :slight_smile:

Your saves are located in:
C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch\Saves

If those files were modified in the last day, then yea it was probably overwritten.

Yup, but no problem. I guess it is a good thing. I have to strugle for gear and shards and i will have a clearer view of the current leveling process and so on. Thanks anyway!

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