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Confusion with triggered spells mechanics

I am a little confused about triggered spells in this game. I foundthis topic, explaining that skills are only supposed to work in any kind, if they are slotted on the skill bar. This does make a lot of sense in my opinion, but I think there are still some cases, where it isn’t clear what happens:

Assuming a Lich, I tested that Hungering Souls on-hit trigger works as expected:

  • If the skill is slotted, it is cast on hit (with the relevant nodes, obviously).
  • If the skill is not slotted, even though it is specialized, this doesn’t trigger.

However, what about other skills triggering them? For example, Reaper Form has Soul Release, triggering Hungering Souls. What happens then?

  • Will the trigger take advantage of the Hungering Souls specialization,
    • if Hungering Souls is also slotted?
    • if it is not slotted?

Additionally, Aura of Decay and Reaper form can trigger Mark for Death.

  • Will the trigger take advantage of the Mark for Death specialization,
    • if Mark for Death is also slotted?
      • If no, will it replace an existing (possibly better) mark for death or will both be active (multiplicatively) or will the trigger only work on non-marked enemies?
    • if it is not slotted?

The thread you linked is from January 2019 and I believe might be outdated.

I know for certain there are skills that can be triggered without them being on your bar (but there are some that need it).

Most of the triggered skills for Primalist that I’ve seen can be used without them on the bar (primarily because of Were forms).

Sentinel has an Idol that can trigger Smite on a thrown weapon attack - this works regardless of if Smite is on the bar.

Counter Example:
I’ve heard Sigils of Hope for Sentinel can’t trigger on kill if it’s not on the bar, but I haven’t tested it.

There no need to have it slotted on skill bar a few second test with proc when hit Ice Thorns/souls shows this to be the case. I get the full specced procced version.
The same applies for on hit/kill etc that I tried.

No idea if it base or specced form of mark for death that triggers or not only way to tell is to spec it with a visible effect like fear and see if it applied when trigger or not.

Skills that can be triggered through other skills or idols don’t have to be equipped. If you have specialised one of the triggered skills the specced version is triggered. If not, it’s only the base version.

This way you can trigger smite via shieldthrow with idols or RIP blood with transplant. Smite and rip blood don’t need to be in your bar.

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Hungering souls on hit is triggered by a node on it’s own skilltree. so it has to be equipped to work.

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If that is the case, it’s probably because the trigger-on-kill node is on Sigil’s tree, so if Sigil isn’t on the bar then the game won’t trigger it (because the thing triggering it isn’t available).

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The basic system might not be obvious, but it’s pretty consistent(except some very few bugs)

Skills that have any triggering event inside it’s own skill tree just trigger if they are slotted.

But if a skill get’s triggered from outside sources, like idols, or other ksills spec tree they will work as either basic version(if not specced) or with all benefits from skill spec tree if you have anything specced.

Also on another slightly relevant node here, there are alot of skill nodes and passives that trigger of “casts”. If a spell/skill gets triggered it is “casted” whether it’s slotted in the skill bar or not.
There are also nodes which explicitly state “when [spell X] casted directly”, which will NOT trigger from procs, just if you use it manually from the skillbar yourself.

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