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Concept Art of the Ancient Era's Primal Flora

The Ancient Era was a time of peace, when Eterra was active, humanity slept, and the gods were young. Despite the era being broadly peaceful, it was by no means safe.

The unchecked wilds gave birth to untold numbers of nightmarish primal creatures whose eventual extinction would be necessary for humanity to flourish in later eras. Among these creatures are even monstrous plants such as the Floral Spitter.

Click on this image to see the full-sized version.


Omg no :scream: pls don’t bring POE glimmerwood and clownfest whackiness to Eterra :dizzy_face:

(Unless they really really fit thematically in the map of course…)

I like bright colors

These will exist during the Ancient Era, a time of forests and plains untouched by man. Think of the more exclusive areas of the Amazon Rainforest, where there are colorful beasts and flowers abound. I’m sure these will fit in with the Ancient time period.


A good idea using a flower enemy. Haven’t seen this in any ARPG to date.

Brainstorm: The Floral Spitter approaches spraying out a noxious pollen cloud debuffing you with stun/dizzy affects for 5 sec. The cloud is yellow initially, then the particles transform into a sparkling, glittering mass, slowly dissipating over time. You strike the Spitter and with each strike the petals wither, curling back and turning a necrotic brown. The Spitter lets out a hissing squeak as it dies…………

ok but can we french kiss the flowers?

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