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Concept Art: Introducing the Immortal Emperor



The Immortal Emperor is even more imposing in death than he was in life, entombing himself in thick dark armor. Over the centuries he has let his victory over the gods and over death fill him with pride, and he now decorates himself as though he were a god himself.

Concept Art

The Immortal Emperor


The character turnaround sheet provides views from different angles.


The materials sheet helps our 3d modelers understand the design intent.

The Immortal Emperor

Wow, that looks awesome. And also, I love the way you gave examples and images of what each material is; it is pretty immersive. Will he have boots or keep his barebones?
I’m stoked to see his abilities!
Let’s talk about that “Spoilered removed” around the human height section…Is there another race???


The intention is to make it very clear that he’s undead, and one of the ways we’re planning on doing so is showing off a lot of the skeleton. He’s fairly early in the design process so it’s certainly subject to change, but we aren’t currently planning on giving him boots.


Will we somehow fight him or he will remain as a hidden threat that we can’t directly face ?


That you’ll need to wait and see, I’m afraid. :slight_smile:


Oh good, so I get to feel his bones crush every one of mine during the boss fight!? Haha

But for real, that makes sense and I think if you gave him too much clothing that could get lost in translation. Good point!

I’m just excited to see him in action :blush:


The removed spoiler is probably the design concept where the rogue is stabbing him in the back.


The decoration of the green gem is very cool :smiley_cat:


The material sheets is interesting :smiley: Are those industry conventions?


There is only one Emperor… The Emperor of Mankind :smiley:

End offtopic. Good idea but still waiting for new patch :wink:




Looks like you figured it out! :slight_smile:


I can’t speak for the modelling/games industry but it’s very common in fashion design and Theatre design.

Designers aren’t always good artists, and it’s a pretty important step in the research and overall consideration of a design.


If you not give him boots i will steal his toes and use them in my soup as broth flavour enhancement.


Why would boots stop you from stealing his toes though? Can’t you just remove them? Even better, the toes aren’t full of mud/grass from him walking around, and are already stored in a container.


Fair point, see this is the kind of input we need. Give the man boots so his toes are clean.


Boots are human adaptions for comfort, an undead behemoth like this does not need such comforts :smile:

Looks great, i do like that you guys are making sure that the concept is done right even with the textures. kudos to you guys for everything you have done so far!

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