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Concept Art for the Eternity Cache


Hidden throughout the world are Eternity Caches, special containers with the unique quality of being immune to the changes of time around them. By placing an item within an Eternity Cache along with certain rare materials, a player may return to the same cache hundreds - or even thousands - of years later to retrieve the resulting synthesis. This is no easy task - for the Eternity Caches often lie in places dark and forgotten, places exalted and under the watch of fierce guardians, or worse of all may have attracted the attention by foes eager to snatch the treasure you’ve locked away for themselves.

The Eternity Cache’s origins stem from prior to the Ancient Era.


For some reason, I was imagining the Eternity Cache as a rusty little box. This looks a bit cooler than though though, ehehehe~


Hopefully! :stuck_out_tongue:


I suck with these concept art. Can’t quite piece how the 3D model would look like based on these.


Just happy to hear you guys are getting to that point. Very interested in the “foes eager to snatch the treasure you’ve locked away” part. If possible, I will be that foe :wink:

Have a lot of questions about the details of that aspect but I imagine its not worked out yet.