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Computer crash. Stash items, runes, shards and gold are all gone

Hello, my computer crashed and i lost my everything in my stash when i logged back in. My runes shards and gold are gone too. The 2 characters i have and the items they had equipped and inventories are still there. Is there any chance of getting them back ? lol

it happened again, now my main character got deleted along with all its items

The same here.
Alla stach is now empty, and my char have been deleted.

Sorry about this! Unfortunately we can’t restore any data as it is all stored locally.

However, we do have a fix planned for release that should prevent game or PC crashes from deleting data.

Ok, thanks for the reply, how does one back up the saved data just in case? I saw some posts on this but none with a clear answer. Im not too computer savy :confused:


I was on my level 50 something Mage Spellblade in The End of Time area and I was shattering some items and Lasst Epoch crashed with a BSOD. After reloading and starting Last Epoch all my characters were available except this Mage. All items in my stash were gone also. Somebody on the dev team needs o learn how to save character progression. It’s not that hard being a retired programmer myself.

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