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Compilation of Affixes Suggestions

Hello to all

I want to create a compilation of all the affixes suggestions, as the game is really new and in the due time we will probably be getting more affixes so i think it is a good idea to consolidate all the affixes suggestions into one big topic so the devs can keep an eye on it and maybe if they like some ideas they could implement them in the future
I suggest a template like this to make things visually easier:

Name of the affix
Prefix or Suffix
Tier 1: xxx
Tier 2: xxx

Mana Gain on Melee Hit:
Any Weapon
Tier 1: 1 Mana Gained on Melee Hit
Tier 2: 1 Mana Gained on Melee Hit
Tier 3: 2 Mana Gained on Melee Hit
Tier 4: 2 Mana Gained on Melee Hit
Tier 5: 3 Mana Gained on Melee Hit

This way I dont think it is gonna be an overpowered affix, tempest maw gives us 4 mana gain but thats an unique item so we dont get to craft the way we want it. With the affix we do get to craft but need tier 5 to get 1 less mana gain and a big trade off
Being a prefix we get to make choices such as we want critical chance, critical damage, pure damage, overtime damage, attack speed (etc.) or mana gained on hit? So it is a good tradeoff, i think, at least better than if it was a suffix

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