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Company statement on Reddit's redesign which is currently in beta


Greetings Travelers!

We recently become aware that [color color=#ffffff]Reddit is working on a redesign[/color], presently in beta.

The team is very excited to see Reddit’s efforts to make the website more modern and intuitive. In terms of where this redesign is currently, when we attempted to customise it to make it similar to the subreddit’s style on the older design, we discovered that [color color=#ffffff]custom CSS is not yet available[/color]. Due to the redesign being incomplete , we advise using the legacy style at this time.

Redditors who wish to opt-in or opt-out of the beta may do so at the bottom of [color color=#ffffff]this page[/color].

We will monitor the redesign’s progress. Our goal for the immediate future is to offer limited support - outside of some minor style tweaks, it will mostly use default settings to ensure the experience can be as problem-free as is feasible. As Reddit continues to implement various features and more customisation becomes possible, we’ll support it more fully.

—Eleventh Hour Games