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We can set individual agro modifiers for each different totem. I think we’ll look at making storm totem less agro happy than the others.

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We will continue to tweek the numbers on it but I’ve just made the storm totems less of agro magnets than the other totems and pets.

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No offence intended but isn’t this a bit wrong from a balancing point of view? Aren’t the storm totems very potent and should therefor be focused by enemys? Sure if they did indeed had a taunt mechanic build in, so to speak, that’s a fair move but I think it’s a bit difficult to leave the totem at a lower agro after it starts to damage enemys ^^.

This was a consideration when we made the change. It is something that we’re going to test and change still. We are planning several changes to the minion agro systems.

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and change that tree summoning unique ring, it’s a low level proc minion for a low level with high aggro draw. The tree model looks awesome though, could we get the tree fleshed out, and added in a skill tree with modifiers to the tree? maybe add a chance to summon a big tree in the spriggan form skill tree?

Thx for the replies :). I was just thinking about it and didn’t want to make a fuzz :). I think so far everything is in a good shape and after some number tweaks things will be fine. Then again I hope there will be some kind of substitute if totems will have less agro. Something like a dummy totem that shouts insults at enemys forcing them to attack it or something like that.

Oof this sounds great, would be amazing to have