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Companion move-to

Is it possible to make the minion attack command work as a move command if you target ground instead of an enemy?

If the companion then just moves without attacking it solves some of the annoyances with them running all over and more importantly it will allow you to reposition them.

This is very important for the spriggan as it will cast it’s vale orbs into walls or the forges in monolith timelines and not realize that it’s not hitting an enemy. If the enemy does not move, neither will the spriggan unless you can find another enemy to tell it to target. That isn’t always convenient or sometimes even possible on bosses, and the new enemy also has to be in a position that forces the spriggan to move somewhere useful.


I think this would be a great addition. Also I hope the attack command will be changed to work on destructibles - the only way I could destroy barrels in the arena on my necromancer was using transplant (or temporarily dragging another skill down which is annoying)

I think minion AI should be commanded to attack destructibles and also to move on command.

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I’d go even further and would make pets autoattack Barrels, Chests and Doors as long as there are no enemies nearby. Commanding them to me feels like a crutch.

Would be great.

Have the same issue with my necro :grin:. Would be cool.

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