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Companion/Minion names

The other day while playing on a primalist, my summoned wolf was named “Spot” when mousing over her. The next day while playing, she no longer had a name, and just had the generic wolf tag. I upgraded to a bear companion, and she was labelled as a generic bear tag. I thought, “No big deal, maybe I imagined Spot.”

Today, my bear is named “Splippery Ears.” Yes, spelled that way (did you mean “slippery?”).

Anyway, the report is to let you know that the naming for the summoned companions does not seem to be consistent.

This is working as intended (even when your Wolf is named Wilf). Thanks!

Apologies, I don’t think I was clear enough. The bug isn’t the name itself, but that sometimes the companion animal is named, sometimes it isn’t. For example, I log in today and the bear is once again labelled as “Primal Bear,” when yesterday she had a name.

That’s also intended, it’s a random chance. I don’t think making the names persistent is planned but it could happen in the future.

Ah, thank you for the clarification! :purple_heart:

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