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Companion behaviour

Summoning companions in town should be instant. (takes forever -.-) (feature request)

Summing companion triggers cooldown on button but button animation interrupts after ~15%, shows button as cooldown has passed (which is not the case), then starts the cooldown all over again. (bug)

Entering portal causes minions never to come with you. (bug)

By hovering with the mouse over an enemy and pressing “a” (attack command) you can call your minions to attack the target. Hopefully they will run from teleporter to you. (just a note)

On some maps though, this “workaround” does not even work. (because of door?) (bug) (see video)

As pointed out in another post: Companion stuck state cause your character movement to be constantly interrupted. (bug)

This make beastmaster builds a complete pain in the ass.

Longer video:

Edit: Throughout the video I constantly spam the attack command to call my minions.

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