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Companion ability and quickslots interaction bug

I noticed a probably unintended behaviour with primalist companions.
Say you want to change your companion to different quickslot while you already have one summoned. To do so, you open skills screen and drag the ability to quickslot. However, the ability is a summon ability (like “Summon Wolf”) and it will not change to “Howl”-ability. Then if you remove the old “Summon Wolf/Howl” ability from its previous quickslot, you will have a situation that you can only summon new wolf but never use the ability since the quickslot will not change to Howl even after summoning a new wolf. It can be fixed easily by replacing the ability with another ability and thus unsummoning the wolf, after which you can add the ability again and it will work as intended again.

Or you right-click on the skillbar that you want the skill to be in & select it, no need to open up the skill screen. Though that’s not to say that the behaviour you report isn’t a bug.

This is a known bug. Thanks for the report!