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Combining Unique Items

So I’m not sure what plans you have with the crafting system or upgrade system, if you’ll be changing them or not but I have found a lot of duplicate unique items which in normal circumstance would be fine if I could modify them but alas, I cannot.

I think it would be nifty if we could combine unique duplicates that are found. Example would be The Slab merge with The Slab to make The Slab +1 then would need two +1’s to upgrade again.

While it’s not often it does happen and some uniques, while giving nice stats, standard items are better. An example would be the Dreamthorn. It’s great for the early levels sure, but not great later in the game and since the stats are Static, not random and do not increase in level, it would be nice to have a form of upgrade system in place.

I’ve found several of the same uniques in the game, some last until late game others not so much. I brought the Dreamthorn up as it would be amazing on a VK Pure void spec, and have found several of them. Problem is it falls off game wise around level 30 and at that time the VK stat tree is just beginning.

I know it would probably need to be a new system put in completely which would be a lot of time, but figured I’d toss it in here as it would be cool to see in a game like this to have an option like that.

+1 I like this idea as well. I have about 15 of the same helmet and boots. Morning frost seems almost as common as arena keys.

The Median XL mod for Diablo II has a similar system with “Tiered” uniques. I think there is something worthwhile here as it extends the life of a given unique beyond a set level range, and increases build diversity. Balancing becomes a bit more challenging but overall I think something similar could be very beneficial.

Maybe it’s possible to incorporate shattering uniques to grant items that can be used to ‘up-tier’ other uniques - then there is a real cost in the system. You have to sacrifice up-tiering other uniques (possibly ones used for alts) to support up-tiering the preferred one. This way you don’t have easily bloated inventory of high-level unique items because you’re constantly having to trade-off less desirable ones for ones more suitable for your build.

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