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Combat and abilities need more ''impact'' or ''weight''

Hey everyone!

Been a long time lurker but now is my time to post something. I want to know how people feel about combat in the game in general.

Personally, after playing close to 50h, I find its lacking something but I cant quite put it into words but Ill try my best:

I find its lacking… impact? Or abilities seem to be missing some kind of ‘‘weight’’ to them. Enemies don’t respond to hits. It feels like you are hitting pieces of cardboard. And its doesn’t feel like I’m hurting things when I use my spells and abilities. They need more, man, its hard to explain but more feedback when you use them? I want to feel the weight of my hits, I want to feel the power of the magic I’m using.

Diablo 3 does this extremely well. Path of Exile also but to a lesser extent, hell, even Grim Dawn with the ragdoll physic feels good.

Are there any plans in the future from the devs to look into that? Its really one of the biggest flaws the game has for me. Everything else feels great but combat is just… bland. And in a game where you spend 99% of your time killing and slashing monsters it would be nice to feel good while doing it.

I don’t know… Maybe its just me but I feel like it would add a TON to the game.

The other thing I don’t like is items only having the possibility of 4 affixes but that’s a whole other story and I think the game is too far in development for this to change.


Totally agree.

The combat in LE does feel “smooth”, but lacks “impact”.
For some abilities it does annoy me more than others.

For me personally, it might be a combination of screen shake and audio that is still missing the little bit of extra “oomph”.

Especially skills like “Erasing Strike”, which mechanically feel very good, but the impact doesn’t get transported to me as a player.

Also the general quality of animations could use some love.

All that#s said, i think the devs doing a good job already ov revising older stuff and i think they havn’t done anything to help with this issue in a long time, which means that they probably will do this in the near future.

EDIT: Also welcome to the LE community JulzJuice!


Yea, the game could use a little more in the way of ‘recoil’ when getting hit. It doesn’t have to mean or do anything mechanically whatsoever, but it makes a big difference visually.

No it’s not only you for sure. It’s hard to put this in words, I agree, but it’s really important. Also it’s hard to give feedback on this since it’s all about the “weight feeling”.

For example here is a thread (from more than 1 year ago) describing the same: That combat "thud" feel

In that thread even many agrees with you that is one thing D3 did great.

Gonna have to agree with you… It really does seem like the mobs are just walking through hits till they die.

The only instance where i have felt what you are describing is on a high stun build. It stops the mobs in their tracks for a split second/second and the animation is obvious you have “stunned” them.

I have not really noticed anything else that shows the “impact” you are talking to…

Not saying they need to be hindered in their approach to you - i.e. if I hit a mob without any ailment or something to affect their advance, I think something “showing the impact” but not making them stop or change course would be good.

D3’s melee hits generally feel “impactful”, regardless of what one may think of the rest of the game the combat is slick & flows well.



Ahhh yes playing a fist fighter feeling the punch and seeing the enemy explode under my combo was a great thing even for my bayblade build i was feeling the “smooth slicing” going on But in my point of view its all about sound design And thing that shall be added near the end of the beta…

Talking about sound music should be more “diablo like” than “PoE like” this game deserve a better music design and its all about one thing: -Use more guitar !!!

I absolutely agree and feel like this is mostly an audio concern. The audio in the game (at time of writing this) is very basic/underdeveloped for a lot of things, which I think translates to skills being washed out.

That said, I feel like Glacier, the basic mage skill, has a ton of weight to it. I haven’t found anything else that has the same feeling though.

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I actually really like the strings in the current music and wouldn’t really like it to turn into a clone of D2.

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I agree for lagon temple but there is nothing worth remembering and trust me it wont turn in diablo clone if they add more guitar xD