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Color blind: purple or blue?

I am kinda a color blind, not really blind but it’s really really hard for me to distinguish between the color Blue and Purple.

I have a feel like I am almost missing the purple 1/2 of the time.

Is there anyway I can work my way around this, of anyway the dev can help or any settings in the game that change the color of item rarity (at least until the item filter coming out).

(And to those who wondering how can I know if I missed the items. Let’s say some times point to the screen and tell my friend “Hey, I got a purple”. Then she said “There’s another one right there” and I was like “Ah hah!!!”).

Yeah, half of my a good portion of my posts point at this issue - you just gotta wait until they change it.
What might help you until then is that T6/T7 items also have a black opaque background so it might be more productive to look for that instead.

I was not sure if it was just me or my monitor settings, but after seeing more and more posts in the forum that are similar to this I figure maybe I am not going blind quite yet.

It does seem to me that there is an issue with contrast in terms of colours in this game… While I did not have trouble with blue & purple, I have trouble with other areas where the variation in colour is very subtle…

the idol box - especially at the beginning of the game when you still have to activate the segements - its very difficult to see.

some of the darker maps - not sure if its intended, but there are maps where I can barely see a quarter of the screen around my char in 1080p… i.e. walking right into mobs because they are so dark you dont see them until you are in melee… For this one I have to up the gamma massively to actually see, and then obviously other maps are blown out too bright…

Seems to me that there is a general colour/brightness/contrast issue in the game - and I cant even begin to understand the problems colour blind people may have with it. I am not saying go Torchlight on it but at the moment even Grim Dawn seems like a unicorn map in some places of LE…

It would be nice if there were an option to select the colours the game uses for items & skill damage, that way if you’re colour blind you can select options that work for you.

Damage colours… Definitely. Would be great to be able to differentiate damage types by colour and be able to chose what the colours are. I was also wondering if it would be possible to see healing in a similar way.

Oh same here - idols, purples, soul cages - soon I’m not even sure if I have the proper chromosome count! Never had a problem with colours in any other game or activity which I’ve engaged with - it’s strange!

They are, but if you’ve colourblind you may have difficulty telling them apart.

Why? I mean, healing is healing, I’m not sure what benefit the player would get being able to see if it’s theirs, or, er, theirs?

That would explain a few things. :wink:

Only thought of it because right now there is no feedback (other than the health globe) to see how well life leech/health regen is working… So its difficult to immediately see (like you can with damage) how much of an improvement a gear/stat boost is giving your char.

Simplest solution for the purple vs blue is to add a purple beam to the purplues, like the red beam for uniques.

As to lightiong / brightness: yes, the game sucks at that. My solution I use right now is to use Reshade tool ( and a simple LUT filter - this way I was able to see everything in the game and play comfortably. I use this in POE too, and any game that has no gamma slider in the settings. I’ve given up waiting for developers to catch up to the fact that ergonomics matter in games where you’re supposed to be playing for hours on end.


Thank you @LastBrat
Reshade & LUT works perfectly for me.

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That tip with reshade is awesome.

I just don’t have any clue how this works. Its installing something into the game folder? Is this violating terms of use in any kind? I hope it’s ok to use.

Please don’t rely on subtle colour differences. I just don’t see them.

It can be confusing, but it’s not complicated. You install the file, and then it asks you where the executable is - you need to browse to the Last Epoch exe and select that (where you installed LE). Then it autodetects which directX the exe is using - I believe it’s direcxtX 9 - and it additionally installs its own shaders which are loaded with the game. In the game you hit ‘home’ key (default) to show the onscreen reshade interface - there you can select which filter you want to use as a shader. LUT (look-up table) is a simple mapping of shades onto new shades, so a very dark grey becomes a slightly lighter grey with green tone, or whatever you wish (it’s like a gradient map in photoshop if you’re familiar with that). There is a great tutorial on reshade website about using LUT, that explains it in detail, and how to make one yourself. A LUT is basically a small bitmap (png) file, with color patches that codes the mapping I mentioned.

As for eula etc - I have no clue. I’ve asked on the tech support forum here a couple of weeks ago, but have not received an answer. I canimagine arguments for both sides, but I doubt anyone is going to ban us from using this, t’s not like using macro’s to automate stuff, and an argument about competitive edge because you can actually see the content would be just as valid as one about someone using a bigger monitor to see things better :wink:

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They aren’t particularly subtle colour differences (if you don’t have some form of colour blindness), but it would also be a lot better if the player could choose which colours they want for each quality of item. That way the devs don’t have to set up different colour schemes that may or may not fix the issue for different forms of colour blindness.

There’s a nice thread on reddit with a different approach:

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I was following this guide.

And I was using Color > Map > Color rotation in GIMP. By narrow down a very small range of color contains the purple and change it to something red.

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Yes, that’s a way to do it :slight_smile: The only issue with this is that anything on screen that contains that particular hue of purple will become red, which might make things look odd here and there.

Yeah, no doubt on that.

I tried to get a very narrow range for the color to change, then the impact is better than expected.

You can probably also make everything black and white, except that one shade of purple, if it’s all you care about :smiley:

They could just have the loot filter rules allow you to pick RGB and loot beam as options to certain drops.