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Clicking to thing to have acces to it (Zone, rift, portal, NPC)

Who’s never bypass the teleport basement and accidentally open the map window in a middle of a fight, or realizing you went the wrong way at the last second and went through anyway because you couldn’t control it. Bypass a rift and you were to close and went in by accident. Same for NPC when you are to close to them.

It might not be a vital change right now (HC player could disagree with that when the map open during a fight) but I found myself a bit frustrated sometimes after went through some of the example I exposed.

I’m really looking forward for this small quality of life if the technique allow it.

The issue is that holding down the mouse button still interacts with things. I agree with you; I shouldn’t be interacting with anything unless I click on it directly. I use move only specifically to avoid this problem with destructibles, only to encounter it with interactibles.

Funny. I just mentioned this on the discord yesterday.

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