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Class specific Time lines?

First off I like Last Epoch, I like that our characters travel in time to different era’s and each era is distinct this is adds alot of differnet options for story and mechanics.
That made me think that perhaps each different class/hero should start in a different era.
Maybe this was a design choice that you guys though about then decided against as some of the class seem to belong to differnt era’s:
Primalist screams ancient era to me and sentinal could easily fit ruined era (Void Knight).
I know that with intro videos for each class it probably to late to change this as well as the work to create 3 more starting areas but could ease starting area fatigue.
Looking forward if more classes/heros are added to the game would they start in new time lines?
Anyway just a thought.

I see what you are trying to say here. It’s definitly an interesting way to make the story more impactful especially to the certain classes you can play. But you would have to completely rewrite the storyline for 5 different classes, and just imagine the balancing when it’s all about a league start in the future and leaderboards…

yeah I guess that is true, but then arn’t all suggestions work for the dev’s.
Depends what areas of the game the dev’s want to improve.
from my own limited experience with the game (trying all available starting heros) the sentinal was a chore for me just going through the starting area’s (I am not a melee man), I have had the most fun with the mage and the acolyte.
Just thought I would give a suggestion to help make those early levels more interesting, which are not that interesting to me (likely design choice so not to overwhelm new players).

Definitely had been talked about but comes with some issues including starting a new character with your friends in multiplayer, early game imbalance, issues for future race content, probably some others I’m forgetting at the moment. It’s a really cool idea and maybe we’ll figure out a way that it makes sense for a future class. I loved that aspect of Chrono Trigger and their obtained party members :slight_smile:

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