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Class Balances

Hey Guys so i played this game quite a bit now leveled nearly every Character to get all the Different specialisations and tried them out for a good amount off time. saw many people postin some good feedbacks and theres one thing i kinda wanted to adress.
Although i know some off these are bias and people prob feel different from what im feeling i have to say some Classes definitly feel bad to play while other just feel awesome.

  • Sentinal in my opinion is way off balance wise he has one of the slowest starts and feels boring for way to long yes as soon as you get a Specilisation he feels better but hes one of the characters i least enjoy especially couse i feel like youre kinda forced to play specific skills couse he feels incomplete

  • Primalist For me the Primalist so far feels the best gameplay wise nevery specilisation feels really good. leveling is smooth and you can play everything he has to over although i have to say i ended up getting Ice Thorns/Thorn Totems on every build i did with him regardles of mastery

  • Mage For mage i enjoyed the Sorcerer the Spellblade not too much. He feels good overall but very Item depended what is good in its own right but for me spellblade just didnt feel as good as most primalist classes for a melee character.

  • Acolyte So far i only played the Necro and enjoyed it to a degree but it was not that it really hooked me. The main reason for this is that so far i dont enjoy the Companion/Minions too much in my opinion they need some rework.

I think it would be awesome if some of the Base class trees would get a bit of a rework especially the Sentinal base tree feels really bad compared to most other Base class trees.
Just curious what do you guys feel is it just me that feels that way?

I have played all the classes and releveled them multiple times. Can I ask what skills you used to level, i think this is one of the main reasons you might think its slow or underpowered.

Hammer throw/Shield throw are both very good and fast game play. Vengeance is the best melee skill for survival. Rive is very fun and fast game play but it needs attack speed or void echos to feel the real power of it. Warpath (bad base damage for scaling) is one I would say that is struggling but if you put on a two hander with good base damage it doesn’t feel terrible (also going to more damage nodes). Also not to mention Lunge is incredibility fun and fast because of it’s short cool down. it is by far one of my favorite movement skills. Lunge has damage boosts so you can combo it with every other ability above to make killing easy.

I actually have the most problems with Primalist as a melee because of the need for heavy investment into dodge/DR to be even remotely fun and Acolyte if you choose to go a melee style.

thats mostly the reason why i dont enjoy sentinal i dont enjoy shield throw as a base skill its fun as soon as you get higher but for a base skill its underwhelming. jeah i enjoy lunge aswell but thats also a skill that is kinda a must have since shield dash is not as good or its just something you need to used to. rive was the skill i used to level my forgeguard before i turned him into shield throw firebased with ring of shields etc.
but just looking at the base thinks in the base tree dont you feel like primalist is kinda boring to skill i prob would always get the same skills regardless of what i want to do with him.

i never tried dodge for primalist. i have a beastmaster full on poison wiht scorpion and all aspects for full on passiv buffs. a shaman totem focused. and a druid that never loses werebear with ultra high health pool and resistances.

I thought the same about shield throw. But you can spec it into a really good buff skill by taking all the armor on ricochet nodes on the bottom right skilltree. Was really awesome when Urziels Pride was based on armor and not on lightning resistance. But it’s still really good. I get to 15k till 20k armor when I throw it into a large group of enemies.

I played Shield throw a while back (scaled it with block rating) and I loved it. Not sure if they shifted the base damage or something though. There is a lot of ways that they added to compensate with smite activation on throwing attacks, converting shield throw to void and throw added damage on amulets and idols. Maybe you can get the same decent damage but need more gear now.

And Future Strikes.

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Double Future Strikes :grin: