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Clarification on Monolith Blessings


Was wondering if blessings worked in any way beyond the obvious and if they work 100% to the letter of the blessing.

The game guide says they “apply throughout the entire game” and the tooltips of the blessing themselves are understandably not yet fully populated so I am just asking for clarity and perhaps am being a little cheeky.

Blessing have an obvious interpretation - something like the “XX% increased unique drop rate” means that anywhere in the game where you kill a mob, you have an increased chance of an unique dropping. Less clear is if a opening a chest is affected by this. (my assumption would be yes, but for clarity).

Other blessings are a little more ambiguous. Like “XX% increased class specific shard drop rate”. On face value, I take this to mean that individual shards that drop will have a higher percentage to drop based on the class you play. However, I was wondering if this affected class specific drops in general - i.e. if a sentinel chest drops would this increase the chance that it has a sentinal specific affix? yes, affix is not shard. but hey, I said I was being cheeky.

Also… Its not technically a drop, but do blessings have any impact on the Gambler?

This question is probably unneccessary and is fraught with possible semantic interpretations, but as you are asked to chose between three blessings with varying %s, understanding would be helpful to make the choice.

…oh and yes… I am ignoring the mathematics around when these %s are applied and if they are cumulative / multiplicative with other boosts.

I would assume that any time a roll happens that would be affected by the blessing, it affects it. So if you have the “XX% increased unique drop rate” blessing, any time the game rolls for a unique you would have an XX% increased chance (so f it’s a 1% chance to get a unique & you have +10% increased unique drop rate, you would then have a 1.1% chance for a unique).

I don’t know if it would affect the gambler, I would hope so, but it could go either way.

I’m not sure there are any cases where you could have multiple of the same affect?