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Chronomancer allows respecs that result in illegal passive allocations

According to the patch notes, you’re not supposed to be able to respec points that would leave you with orphaned passives at the top of a mastery tree that you wouldn’t have been able to qualify for normally:

You must meet the requirements for all nodes you have after the respec occurs (e.g. if you have points in a node that requires level 15 in a mastery then you must maintain at least 15 points allocated to nodes with a lower requirement in the same tree).

However, this restriction doesn’t appear to be working:

I just unspecced 10 points out of Volatile Blood. This should have made my points in Soul Maw illegal (I only have 45 points in Lich total, including the 5 in Soul Maw, but Soul Maw requires 45 points before you can spec its first point). Instead, I still have my 5 points in Soul Maw.

This is super abusable - you can take points at the bottom of a tree to qualify for (stronger) passives at the top of the tree, then unspec your low-tier passives, leaving only the strongest capstone passives in place.

After some messing around, more illegal passive allocations:

(Only 10 points at the bottom of Necromancer, not enough to qualify for Mark of Punishment, but I’m able to dump points into passives at the top of the tree and then unspec the lower ones.)

(This time I don’t even have 45 points total, even including the ones specced into Soul Maw, which is supposed to require 45 points.)

Thank you for the report; we have identified and fixed one bug related to your earlier screenshot, and we’ll investigate why your latter screenshot is possible.

Can I ask whether the class icons are appearing that pixellated in game for you, or if that quality loss is occuring after the screenshot was taken? I haven’t been able to reproduce that.

Nope, this is how they look for me in-game.

I have my graphics settings on minimum; I’ve been assuming they were supposed to look that way with sufficiently low texture settings. Testing just confirmed that they become high-res versions if I set my graphics settings up to Ultra, and go back to the blurry ones when I set it back to Very Low.

Screenshots of my current graphics settings:

Attaching dxdiag to this post for system info: DxDiag.txt (90.0 KB)


That shouldn’t be necessary; I’ll see what we can do about preventing that in future. Even integrated graphics should be able to display the class icons without too much worry. :stuck_out_tongue:

We believe all variants of this will be resolved in our next patch.

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As an aside, the class art becoming pixelated should be resolved in our next update.

We have identified an additional bug which can facilitate illegitimate respecs. This bug won’t be fixed in Patch 0.7.3b, but a fix for it will be included in our next update.

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