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Chests drop only 2 gold

This issue has been reported several times. Here’s a link to another report.

It’s still happening. Someone in that thread suggested this was on purpose to prevent abuse, but I think that’s ridiculous. It feels so gross to go through the entire quest and get nothing from the triple chest. It also happens in other locations after teleporting back in.

Here’s a screenshot of my chests, each of which only dropped 2 gold. This instance was with the quest to free the Last Imperial immortal skeleton guy.

Could you show me the approximate area you used the town portal in? There is indeed a function that reduces the loot from chests if you use a town portal. This is intended to reduce farming of chests by portalling to the same zone repeatedly, and I certainly don’t think it should affect you if you’re doing the quest normally.

If I know where you used your portal I can look into making adjustments.

I’m sorry, I don’t know exactly. It was certainly south of the Skeleton guy, where one of the quest things were to destroy. I had a full inventory so I portal out and back in.

It might have been here.

I honestly feel that you need to find a better solution to that farming abuse. You guys are going to get flooded with complaints when this game releases and nobody knows about this hidden mechanic or how far away from a chest they have to portal out from or if they don’t even know a chest is near-by that they will feel completely screwed over.

I don’t know what the answer is that fixes this without hurting players, but I do know that people are going to be really upset about it. I personally don’t like it. I’d rather just play the game and enjoy it without worrying about where I portal in and out from and if it’s going to result in these sorts of issues.

Perhaps, once opened, chests remain open until a cooldown is reached. I’d guesstimate that anywhere from 3-5 minutes sounds reasonable.

This isn’t a solution that’s meant to exist long term-- it’s because zone progress doesn’t save currently. In the future, if you portal back in after opening a chest, the chest will just remain open from before (and enemies won’t respawn).

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