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Chat Window Bugs (Minor & Major)

Hello again!

I saw a couple of vague-ish chat related posts floating around but they didn’t seem to be getting much traction so I wanted to sort of gather both of the chat related issues I and many others seem to be experiencing in one succinct post. I’ll start with the Major first being that it’s the most hindering to using a feature of the game. At random and sometimes quite often, the chat will be disconnected entirely (messages not coming in or going out at all) and this can only be rectified by closing the game and reopening. As far as the Minor issue, at times after entering a message, the text box portion will stay on screen so either Esc or Enter have to be pressed again to allow the player character to be moved. Some may view this as a major issue as well but to me being able to press an extra button is nowhere near as bad as needing to restart the entire client.

Working on getting a log file for this one as well, thanks for the quick fixes on the others <3

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