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Chat still broken?

So I’m in-game several hours a day this last couple months, and the one constant is that chat stops working all the time. Getting worse every day. Is this due to the numbers of new players? It is very frustrating, as getting it to work again requires returning to login screen. I would say the average up-time for chat for me is about 10 minutes.

I hope this instability (non-crafting type) is being looked at, because one of the best parts of this game is the ‘community feel’. Also, new players reaallly need help. The free support offered by seasoned players in-game is invaluable, and many good conversations are cutoff mid stream. I’d estimate ‘how do I get my Mastery?’ is asked about every 7 or 8 minutes. Also, a significant amount of new players don’t notice the ‘store crafting’ button on the bottom of the inventory window. These players appreciate the support of the community, so I’m looking forward to a stable chat environment. Thank you for the great game!