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Chat not working

No chat messages received. Can’t determine if I’m actually sending any messages (no echo).

Chat window is completely blank even after attempting to chat.

I checked toggle - it’s not disable.

Log out and login resolved issue.

Spoke to folks in the game … they saw my “tests” even though on my end I saw literally nothing in the chat window.

Chat is bugged. We know it. You know it. Its wonky and frustrating. PLEASE… FIX IT!

Sometimes dispears. Sometimes registers enter key twice and you end up toggling enter trying to get in or out of chat.

I’ve been chat locked hitting enter once… try to move…twice…try to move…three times try to move… then eventually it registers the “enter” key and releases me from chat. I don’t know if its counting my single strike once or if its not counting it at all.

All in All a very frustrating chat experience.

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