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Chat disapearing after a few min

Hello! When i logging into my character everything is fine for 10-15 mins then the chat disapear.

Nothing appear when i type not do i see anyone else talking. I need to close and restart in order to make it work again . Thanks!

Yes, chat is known to be unreliable.

We’ve included a fix for this in 0.7.7f, please let us know if you’re still having the problem. Thanks!

Im still having problem with this issue. Chat does not disapear tho. It stays there and i cannot send message nor see what people write anymore

Could you please upload your log file? If you’ve restarted the game, also upload the Player-prev.log file.

I’ve closed the game a few times already sorry,i totally forgot about that!

Also havent noticed any problems related to chat since then so far. Works perfectly since i last commented :slight_smile: Thank you!

Chat is still not working and I can’t find the log and address in question

I’ve responded in the thread you made, but for general reference the location log files are stored may be hidden on your OS by default.

On Windows you likely need to enable Hidden Items in File Explorer. Or, press the Windows key and R key at the same time, type in appdata and then hit enter.

Try this .
Player.log (14.7 KB)

I gave logs and the game chat was not fixed. Thank you, I don’t play this game again. .

You realise you gave you’re logs only 21hrs ago right? They don’t clap their hands and its fixed ^^

Give these guys a chance. Its still beta and i beleive they are working on ALOT of content + you have to include all the bugs they have to fix etc. Lot of work there, be patient mate :slight_smile:


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