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Chat broken?

So two days ago, chat was ok. Was talking to Sarno…then it just died. 3 days later, still nothing. Anyone else having this problem too?

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Got this issue sometimes to.then i gotta relog entire game then its all good.can be done firdt time sometimes u need tobtry 2or3…

I as well have been having chat issues with no idea why, I have tried leaving and rejoining chat a few times from the escape menu but it has done nothing.

I’ve made an adjustment on our end, please let us know if you’re still encountering issues next time you login.


Also when entering game how come itsnlagging so hard? Also inventory always open and then it takes 30seconds before lag and inventory closes…

seems fixed, thank you :slight_smile:

The issue is still there. Many of us are getting completely kicked from chat. We cant see or type in chat. Also the text bar where you type can glitch out sometimes though this can be fixed by clicking somewhere else on the screen then re-pressing enter.

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