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Characters no longer appearing on ladder

I made a bug report about this but got no response. This is the 4th character I’ve made that isn’t appearing on ladder.

Considering thats pretty much all there is to do thats a really shitty thing. This needs to be fixed asap. Pretty disappointed I didnt get a response. Why is this happening? When will it be fixed? Assuming this is happening to other people too considering I havent seen new names on the hc ladder. Or maybe no one is playing it… either way its a huge problem that needs a hot fix.

Can confirm, i play with 4 chars (all 67+) and no one of them is on ladder and when i run the game i see “failed to join ladder” message.

Ive played LE for about a week. Ive done arena only a couple of times and never gotten on the ladder - it just doesn’t work.

I also have character that should be on the XP ladder as well.

Not really bothered at the moment as the arena is so ‘cheesable’

Tbf. This is beta after all. While it would be nice if the devs could provide a playable experience throughout, I don’t think we should expect it to necessarily be so in a beta.

hey guys, I can try and see if there is a problem with your accounts for the ladder. While it is working for most people, it does have some hiccups. The current ladder implementation is very temporary. It will be getting completely replaced closer to when multiplayer becomes available.

ladder isn’t working for me either - thought it was something everyone had issues with

I assume you are referring to this thread.

We’re based in Texas, US. That thread was posted on Saturday at 8:40 pm. You posted this on Sunday at 8:50 pm. That’s approximately 24 hours over the weekend before you wrote off any chance of us investigating your bug report and responding to you. I’m not sure that’s fair.

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@Sirris @Aught @Shrukn @squeezebox I have reset all of your ladder accounts and they should regenerate automatically on your next log in. If you have more problems please contact support.

Moving thread to #bugs.

I’m having the same issue as well

Thats true, didnt really think about the weekend being a factor. My apologies:p I was just raging because I didnt know what was going on with it and kept rerolling characters to see if theyd appear.

Thanks for that. Helped someone (mainly SirrisAvalanche appeared on the ladder again) but still having issues with it.

Current character: SirrisMinionParty Level 40 hardcore

What issues are you having with it. Can you describe the problem and possibly supply a log file?

output_log.txt (60.0 KB)

This is my log file upon logging in.

None of my characters show up on the ladder levels, and none of my arena clears show up on the ladder either. i.e. I went up to Arena 125 on my HC Lich a few days ago, but it still isn’t showing.

My character isn’t showing up on ladder either :frowning:

Can any of the people who I fixed it for earlier confirm that it worked? I don’t want to start manually fixing them for people. I can set up an automated system but that is pointless if it’s not working.

It worked for the SirrisAvalanche character.

Issues: The next character I made didn’t appear on the ladder at all.

SirrisMinionParty: Finished at lvl 71 wave 241 before dying. Have closed and reopened the game so I dont have a log file for it. But can provide one next time. Would be really nice if you could fix that character though:P Really put a lot into that one.

But the issue is simply none of my characters appear on the ladder. I don’t see any error messages in chat or anything.

Could I get you to grab an output log for me? That’s what will really help this. I put your Avalanche one on manually, that’s why it showed up.

I suspect that the problem is happening right as you log in. It really has nothing to do with the characters I don’t think. As an experiment, you could try not including Sirris in the name to see if it shows up.

I would like to have your most recent output log if possible. If you do get another character up high enough to appear on any ladder at all and it doesn’t, a new log file would be great too.

Thanks :smile:

I have a new theory about the reason it’s not showing up for some people, do you by any chance put your account name in your character names? I know this seems strange but it might be relevant.

I typically have “Mikey” somewhere in my character names