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Characters are deleted when the game come live?

characters are deleted when the game come live on 2020 april ?

Not likely. Your offline characters will stay offline. When the game goes live it will be online and everyone starts fresh online.

so atm we all play offline then so is not offline… ok, then our progress is just offline and not online ? i cant make a character online at this time ??

PS and thanks for response it will be nice for all to begin at zero

Right now there is no online play. Everyone Is currently playing offline and will get to keep these characters.
When muitiplayer is released this will put the game online and everyone will have to make online characters. Your offline characters will not be playable online but you will keep your offline chars.

ok ty for info

Devs won’t do unnecessary wipes and it is not planned to have a wipe for offline characters but I would also not expect to keep your characters, if for technical reasons they have to reset offline progression they will do it. I am not sure that they promised to not wipe offline saves at some point during development.

Well, i most likely will delete my Characters anyway. I’m not one of these Guys which resets their accounts each time a new update or expansion comes out, but playing a Early Access is for me personally only testing purpose and i prefer to start clean once the game is fully “released”.

But it’s cool that we might 've the choice to keep except like Baltax pointed out, there might be technical reason for a wipe. About Online-Characters i think there should be a “wipe” due a headstart like this is kinda wonky.


For the online characters, they will not have any of the stash items you have on your offline characters. An easy way for the devs to run a soft reset is upon the 1.0 release, they could convert all beta characters to offline, allowing everyone to start without any players having a “headstart”, while retaining a sense of progress.

This IS the plan. Beta characters are offline chars and will not be in the MP/Online server. When online/MP becomes available everyone will be starting with nothing.

Maybe they will do a wipe with the release of the Rogue class.

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OK it say … when i try to respec my points from base MAGE tree it say this :

                         "CANNOT RESPEC POINT"

Once masteries have been unlocked you must retain
at last 20 points in the base class.

PS: Ohh now i see .im begin to play with points and reset one at time then put were is need to be… OMG was so frustrating but i got it now…
i realy think the game should have us respec BASE mastery class points…and not to be forced to put mroe points in order to just repec one point at the time ,and then invest were is need ,then come back and so on.

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