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Character stuck wont move

In the Precipice my character has got stuck and wont move (runs and attacks in place). in fact the character wont even turn or use the teleport.

Screenshot here

Thanks, this should be a fairly easy fix. Did you try zooming in? The wall may be blocking your ability to click, so if you zoom in you may be able to avoid it.

Tried everything to try and move from the spot including zooming in and out.

I had this problem also in multiple places in the first couple of chapters with the 0.7.3 release, did not see it at all with 0.7.3b but i was in monolith and arena by then. Same issue as OP, couldn’t force move, move with left click or turn. I could however fury leap, so that’s what i did when i got stuck. leap to freedom!

I’ll see if I can do some more testing, but I haven’t encountered any of these issues as of yet. If you encounter those issues it would be super helpful to take a screenshot and upload it.

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