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Character Stats

Just a QoL that would be nice if it was implemented.

I noticed the other day on the character sheet that it list how many uniques that you have found, a random stat, but still an interesting one.

Was hoping we could also get, but not limited to, the following stats added:

  • Total trash mobs killed
  • Total rares killed
  • Total bosses killed
  • Total Deaths
  • Time on character played
  • Time on character inside each of the different end game systems (arena/MoF)
  • Biggest damage number ever dealt and what element type (whether it was a DoT tick or crit )
  • Biggest damage number by minion or companion and what element type (Crit/DoT)
  • Most casted spell/used attack

This is all i got at the moment, but would just be cool to see, im sure some if not all of the above stats are already saved.

Maybe we get this in form of achivements for example. But for real I don’t want to know how many mobs I killed because I always feel sad after I knew it and everything feels like a waste of time xD.

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