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Character/stash files location on Linux


I found several posts describing the file folder location for characters on a Windows drive but not on Linux. I need to wipe my drive and change distros and would like to backup my characters and/or stash but have no idea where they are located. Any help is greatly appreciated!

ps. Other than a few maps having low fps the 0.7.3C patch is running flawlessly in Linux now.

Hey there,

On Linux the save data is stored in the following directory;
~/.config/unity3d/Eleventh Hour Games/Last Epoch

That’s the fastest response I’ve ever seen in an online forum. You deserve a raise.

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Appreciate the kind words!

Loving that response time Sarno :smiley: I can get on board with that, Synapse. We’ll buy him an additional beer a month - $5 raise!

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