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Character Selection Mastery Display

This has probably been discussed or suggested in the past, but I figured I would drop a quick note. Not sure how many characters you can actually make but is there a way at a minimum to have your characters show up with more information that just the name, level, base class and what kind of game mode they are in?

I guess ideally at a minimum this would show the mastery class, so instead of Mage it would say SpellBlade and instead of Primalist it would say Druid. I think on top of that if you could dump a little textbox so you can write maybe like 5 word description or something would be awesome too. “Full Werebear Dmg Druid” or “Spriggan Healer Druid” or “Melee Ward SpellBlade”.

Once you have a few characters created, it could become hard to remember which one is which especially since there are no visual indicators to say what kind of master or build that you have made. In D3 you could just look at the gearset and see that this character is wearing the Wrath of the Wastes Set and know that it is the whirlwind barb.

My hope is that once more endgame content is in the game and multiplayer is in game, that there may be some strategy for trying to beat a certain piece of content, requiring you to take different characters that you have built and form different teams that are not all focused on damage, but possibly support builds too. So your friend says “We need a healer, do you have one?” Then you go swap characters to your “Spriggan Healer Druid” and hop into the activity.

Anyway, not a required change, but I think it would be a good quality of life addition.


I like this suggestion, Danklebs. We have been waiting to rework this screen a bit for multiplayer where we’ll show your actual character model with its gear and other relevant info but I’ll see if we can go ahead and get some quick wins in there as mentioned.

Thanks for the feedback.

Nice! That is exciting and will be helpful in the future. Right now I only have one of each base class so it isn’t a big deal For me but I will be making more builds soon to test out other builds.

Will gear affect the way your character looks in the future? It looks to me like you just have a static character model currently.

Yes it will! Right now the characters on the select screen to wear static gear because the character data is loaded after the character is selected. We’re in the middle of some system reworks to handle this differently.

Very cool. Sounds like you guys are super busy! Keep up the good work!

Looks like Trasochi saw this thread and quickly updated the class display to show the Mastery

Good catch :slight_smile: The other stuff will come a bit later.

Wow. That turn around time is incredible! Is it live now or will it be coming in the future?

Be next patch I guess.

Sweet! I was literally going through my 5 shamans over and over again because I forgot who`se the beastmaster every time I log in :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW - is it just me, or does the inventory stay opened after you go ingame with a character for say 20-30 seconds before you can actually do anything? I Always have to wait for everything to load before I can close the inventory and look at my spells, open the menu tab, or join the Monolith.

If its not a know flaw, I might do it into bugs?

It does it for me as well. Seems to be when you are on the End of Time when it happens. My computer is pretty solid so it takes me about 10 seconds but still takes a bit.

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