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Character Out of Bounds After Completing a Monolith Run


First time completing a Monolith run after beating main story for beta and took the portal back out. I was then placed out of bounds and can’t move.

Screenshot: (14.0 KB)
Player.log (558.9 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (517 Bytes)

Edit: It’s happened a total of 3 times now out of 6 Monolith runs. I can TP out of it but I lose the opportunity to open the chest & get an arena key. I can’t help but feel the game doesnt want to give me a Arena key as the 3 times I was able to open chest in Echo of World there was no key :frowning: New Log: Player.log (853.5 KB)

We’ve included a fix for this in 0.7.7f. Please update the game and let us know if it helps! If you’re still having the issue please upload your log file again.

Around 20+ runs now and haven’t experienced the out of bounds yet. As compared to before, perhaps this fix resolved it. Thanks!

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