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Character gets locked in place and crafting materials disappearing

Character get’s locked in place, this is a strange one, basicaly it started happening when I was starting a new mage. I don’t know if it’s related but I was trying to stack as much cast speed as poossible, a thing I havn’t tried before.
What will happen is I’m holding down my move to cursor hotkey or left mouse and sometimes trying to cast teleport as well. The character will suddenly stop moving and it won’t cast the teleport even though it is off cooldown. Mind you, this happens in hub areas as well, so it’s not like the character is getting stunned. Now I tested it on one of my other mages, and it happens to that one as well, although to a much lesser degree.

Crafting materials disppearing, now this one is kinda annoying(Read very annoying). I started using cheat engine on the regular because my glyphs would disappear mostly everytime I would relog to a diffferent chracter. It happens consitently with Glyphs of Stability, but I’ve noticed when crafting I will sometimes be low on materials for something like “add intelligence”. The later issue with “Add intelligence” I can fix by swapping to a different character and back, and voila all of a sudden I got hundreds of them instead of zero.

I second this. had over 90 glyphs of stability, created a new character then it showed I have one. After all that farming its a pretty big bummer. also noticing this happen with shards as well.

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