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Character deleted after creating a character through steam remote play

Character deleted after creating a character through steam remote play.

I was playing on my laptop while away on steam remote play and it was kinda laggy so I decided to install and play that way. After installing I realized that characters are not kept on the server so I created a new character for my laptop and was going to just experiment with something new while away. After about an hour I logged off for dinner and when I returned to play I thought I rather play my 65 druid from my main computer so opted for remote play rather than the fresh install. When I loaded up the game with remote my original character was gone and my new character was available to play. This confused me because with remote play I am playing from my box at home so my new character shouldn’t be available since that was created to my laptops registry file not my home computer.

I uninstalled the game from my laptop thinking maybe it pulled files from my laptop even when playing remote and this changed nothing.

Now I’m home and when I load the game up my original character is gone and my new character created from my laptop install is available to play.

I’m annoyed and confused at how this is possible. I believe my character is gone permanently and I’ll have to start over but an explanation of what I did that would delete my save would be nice.