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Character Creation

Hey guys- love racing, love race seasons, really miss them from PoE…

But i didn’t have time to start the race, and I was playing my normal toon, and well, i play hc and RiP’d. So i tried to create a new character… and I cant create one that accesses my stash… this was all fine before the race.

Please fix…



if i’m doing something wrong now, please do tell!

We have had reports of issues with the stash not saving properly so unfortunately it sounds like your stash is gone. We’re looking into this but we need to collect more information to find a cause, in the form of a log file. Sorry about this!

Actually was a different issue for me. Apparently if i play the game from a different pc my stash is wiped???

Your Characters and stash are currrently saved locally in your registry. So yeah, you’d have to copy that part to play your characters on another PC at the moment.

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