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Channeling bonuses and Volatile Reversal

I noticed that when I used abilities like Sigil of Hope converting it to an instant cast with Warpath, it doesn’t break channel bonuses on gear (like increase damage and protections). I can channel Warpath and use Sigil without having any channel protection downtime. This isn’t the same with Volatile Reversal even though both are listed as instant abilities. All my bonuses from channels that i have on gear stop for .1seconds on cast. I am not sure if this is intentional. I would have assumed that both instant abilities would function the same. Having .1 seconds while reversal while pumping all my defenses into channel prot with warpath is risky if this ability is meant to function like this; thought I mention it if it’s a bug.

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I don’t think this is intended behavior, but it may be difficult to resolve this due to the fact that Volatile Reversal moves the player. I’ve made a note to review it later though. Thanks!

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